Meet the Authors

Suzy Tamasy

Suzy Tamasy

Creator & Co-Author

Suzy Tamasy is an entrepreneur, award-winning mentor in finance, and a leader in advocating for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world. Suzy is the founder of SuzyQJewels, Frugal Divas, Empowered in Heels, Biz & Fashion Magazine, and Women on Biz, an initiative to radically transform how we support, celebrate and finance female entrepreneurs. She is also a blogger, event producer, and serial entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur and woman of style from an early age, Suzy understood from very early on that if she wanted something, she had to work for it, and it’s that knowing that has helped her break the barriers and tenaciously pursue a love of fashion. Suzy started as a jewellery designer using recycled items and has evolved to her mini-empire with a virtual consignment shop and new clothing line under SuzyQJewels and Frugal Divas. Her clothing line donates a portion of its sales to women shelters across Ontario. Suzy also has two magazines – Empowered in Heels and Biz & Fashion Magazine.

To give back to the community, Suzy hosts a yearly Swap, Sell and Donate event and fashion show with her signature trademark walk showing the cycle of abuse and stopping the violence.

Suzy strives to build relationships with her clients, encouraging them to never give up on their dreams because she believes that when we are open to the light of kindness, we can accomplish anything!

Suzy is currently based in Oshawa, Ontario with two lovely sons. Check out Suzy Q Jewels to learn more about the beauty, brains, and business-savvy of Suzy Tamasy.

Isabela Bernardo


Born and raised in Romania during communism.
After the Romanian Revolution she emigrated to Canada where she fell in love with the energy and buzz of Toronto, the city that became her home.
She soon got married and had her daughter Brigitte, but found herself confronted with new challenges when her marriage fell apart.

Growing up in an artistic family with a father who was a painter, writer, theatre director and actor, fuelled her passion for the arts. She always loved drawing, dancing, gymnastics and writing. Likewise, as soon as her daughter could hold a pencil it was obvious that she had a great talent for drawing and painting.

Currently, Isabela works in the movie industry. She also has a passion for renovating and interior design, treasure hunting and online marketing. In her free time, she loves to read, travel, write, go for walks, photograph the city and nature.

Living an interesting life since childhood, Isabela always wanted to write her story to encourage other women to believe in themselves. The opportunity to be a co-author of Empowered in Heels 2 made her realize that writing is, and always will be, a part of who she is.

Brenda Faulkner


I’m 64 years old….

A Mom of a beautiful daughter and 3 amazing grandchildren..

I live in a small town outside of Ottawa Ontario…

My story is one of great pain and sorrow..

I have lived through…physical abuse, mental abuse and was repeatedly raped over a period of 10 years …

There is help for those of us who lived through such tragedy…



Nicole Flynn


Nicole Flynn is a photographer, political activist and philosopher. Flynn resides in the rural area of Centre Hastings, Ontario where she runs with the deer and swims with the beaver. As a photographer, Nicole captures images of habitats that are disappearing and uses these to educate the public about the changes she observes in nature. Nicole emphasizes the rights to freedom, power and prosperity for everyone in all the ideological aspects of society – social, political, economical, cultural and environmental. She is a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Flynn works hard to dispel the myth that people who have a disability are content doing nothing. Nicole is an alumnus from Loyalist College where she graduated with a diploma in general arts and science (not-modified). Nicole values the importance of recognizing and breaking down barriers for people who have disability as an intersectionality and increasing the voice of marginalized communities. Nicole is an international medalist in three sports, a dramatic artist, and an entrepreneur. Oh, and by the way, Nicole Flynn has Trisomy 21, Down syndrome.

June-Marie Waithe Vieau


Have you heard of the expression, “Everything Happens for a Reason?”

Well, my roller-coaster of a ride started with a very serious chronic illness that took me from a bedridden state to the 66-year-old model and actor I am today.

Angini Mohammed


Angini is a psychotherapist and the owner/founder of Safe Harbor Support counseling services. She is originally from the sunny island of Trinidad and is well established in Canada. Angini is an avid sailor with a deep love for boats and the water.


Rachel Chase


One thing about being a young child living at home, growing up dealing with a parent’s addictions, mental, emotional and verbal abuse, and heartache, I had to grow up fast but I thank the good lord every day for giving me the strength to overcome all of life’s obstacles that came my way it has made me a stronger person that I am today. I went from being a victim to a victor.

Stephanie Myers


Stephanie Myers is a proud mother of two amazing teenagers. After her second child, Monika, was born with Down syndrome, she realized how fragile life can be. She needed to find her new norm and embrace it. She allowed Monika’s beauty to unfold and show her the way. As a registered nurse, and a career background in sales & marketing, Stephanie became an advocate and a voice in creating positive awareness for Down syndrome within the community. Stephanie has been an inspirational guest speaker for many fundraising events, newspaper, and television interviews.

Patrice Esper


Everyone has a story, or a collection of stories that have impacted their lives in one way or another. Patrice is no exception, after developing what seemed like a dream life in the Caribbean over a period of 20 years, it came crumbling down in less than 3 years. Losing her livelihood, her lifestyle and more, she found herself living in her parent’s basement for 4 years, slowly and steadily rebuilding her life in Ontario, Canada. Patrice acknowledges and is grateful for the community connections that helped her through that time of her life and who continue to support and encourage her today. She is now in a place where she may be a valuable member of that same community and shares her experience and learnings whenever possible in the hopes it may inspire and help others. She does so in her role as a business advisor, as a professional speaker and as the founder of Global Property Connections (

Emily Sahlen


I am a published and professional model and fitness model experienced in Runway, Haute Couture, Fashion and other genres of the fashion industry from Ottawa, Ontario. Published in multiple fashion magazines during my career. During my time as a model I’ve been determined to change society’s and the modelling’s worlds view of beauty and that one size does not fit all. Committed to empowering and inspiring women through my own struggles and story of success from the strength built from within. Spent years gaining experience through public speaking engagements at events throughout Ontario.

Born in Calgary, Alberta into the arms of my loving mother and to my twin sister who was already waiting for me. We had that relationship that many of you hear of between twins. We were that close. We moved, were raised and grew up in Ottawa.

Michelle Belaire


Born and raised in East York/Toronto, Ontario She grew up in a middle class family, where her father worked hard to provide a good life for this family. Her mother was a stay at home wife.  She was the youngest of 4 children.  The age difference from her and her siblings was wider than most peoples siblings.  This at times made her feel like she didn’t quite fit. 

She studied accounting and worked in that field at different stages of her life.   She also studied Massage Therapy and practiced for years while her children were young.

Knowing now she was always trying to find where she fit.  For years letting people in her relationships to have more of her than she had to share.  Choosing a partner that had a Narcissist behaviour, tormenting and causing great heart ship for her and the two children she had with him.   Went on for more years than it should of.

After leaving him she build a better life for her and her children with much gratitude of her parents.   She wanted her children to have all they needed so she worked many jobs at times to provide all that was necessary to make that happened.

But in all that she let herself be last.  So when it came time to focus on herself she found an amazing Company and product line that turned everything around for her.  Her focus on bettering her own health and weight loss has now lead to her being able to help so many others with creating their own better health and weight loss journey plus creating a over all better life for themselves. 

Growing her biz is a labour of love.  Being a legacy is what motivates her now. 

“Take care of yourself first so you can take better care of others”

Stephanie Dejong


Stephanie Dejong is a mother to two wonderful children, 13 and 9.She is a social worker, healthcare worker, artist, model and now an author.

Struggling with mental illness and body image issues for most of her life and having no one to go to is her “why” for sharing her story.

Through modeling, she is breaking beauty stereotypes and empowering other women to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Her two kids have inspired her to speak up about the misconceptions about domestic violence and how to overcome it and to show them that you can be who you want to be despite the setbacks.

If her story can reach one person and help them see their own strength and beauty, then her job is done.