Meet the Authors

Suzy Tamasy

Suzy Tamasy

Creator & Co-Author

Suzy Tamasy is an entrepreneur, award-winning mentor in finance, and a leader in advocating for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world. Suzy is the founder of SuzyQJewels, Frugal Divas, Empowered in Heels, Biz & Fashion Magazine, and Women on Biz, an initiative to radically transform how we support, celebrate and finance female entrepreneurs. She is also a blogger, event producer, and serial entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur and woman of style from an early age, Suzy understood from very early on that if she wanted something, she had to work for it, and it’s that knowing that has helped her break the barriers and tenaciously pursue a love of fashion. Suzy started as a jewellery designer using recycled items and has evolved to her mini-empire with a virtual consignment shop and new clothing line under SuzyQJewels and Frugal Divas. Her clothing line donates a portion of its sales to women shelters across Ontario. Suzy also has two magazines – Empowered in Heels and Biz & Fashion Magazine.

To give back to the community, Suzy hosts a yearly Swap, Sell and Donate event and fashion show with her signature trademark walk showing the cycle of abuse and stopping the violence.

Suzy strives to build relationships with her clients, encouraging them to never give up on their dreams because she believes that when we are open to the light of kindness, we can accomplish anything!

Suzy is currently based in Oshawa, Ontario with two lovely sons. Check out Suzy Q Jewels to learn more about the beauty, brains, and business-savvy of Suzy Tamasy.

Cathy Simpson

Cathy Simpson


Cathy Simpson is retired, a widow and an immensely proud mother of two. During her exploration of herself, she took time during Covid to go back to school and became a grief counsellor. Now she finds herself volunteering for hospice and attending to the grief needs of her own clients.

Aceso A

Aceso is a counselor and entrepreneur living in downtown Toronto. She studied Science and Psychology and is seeking to complete her Masters in Psychotherapy. Her passion and dream is to help people improve mental well-being.

Anju Malhotra

Anju Malhotra is a multifaceted individual, seamlessly navigating the realms of entertainment, filmmaking, real estate, and humanitarian service. With an ardent passion for humanity, she has demonstrated her versatility across various creative and professional domains.

As an actor, Anju has left an indelible mark in brand commercials, short films, and the acclaimed Canadian TV Series, “The Potluck Ladies.” Her vibrant presence as a singer has graced numerous stage shows and private events, including lending her vocal talents to the Canadian film “Kadupul.”

She transitioned into filmmaking as well, co-producing and directing two short films and a feature film. Her recent cinematic endeavour “Food for Thought” has garnered acclaim, being selected in six film festivals and securing two prestigious awards. Each of her films delves into critical social issues, reflecting her commitment to advocating for impactful causes.

Anju’s involvement extends beyond the entertainment industry. As a TV host, she presented three shows on South Asian channels, leveraging her platform to inspire and inform audiences on living fulfilling lives and prioritizing health and wellness. Her interviews with artists, authors, actors, philanthropists, doctors, and health professionals resonated deeply with viewers.

Her advocacy for volunteerism is evident through her active participation on the boards of various non-profit organizations in Canada. Anju’s dedication to humanitarian causes is further highlighted by her pivotal role in organizing numerous fundraising events as a program director.

In her real estate profession, Anju’s accomplishments speak volumes, earning her multiple Top Achievement Awards. Her contributions as a Humanitarian won her accolades, such as “Woman of Substance,” “Most Influential Woman,” “Woman Hero,” and the esteemed “Walk of Fame” winner. Her global impact was recognized with the titles of “International Icon of Women 2022” and the “World Book of Record London Certificate of Commitment Award 2022” for her outstanding humanitarian work worldwide.

Anju Malhotra stands as a testament to the power of versatility, passion, and unwavering dedication, leaving an indelible mark across diverse spheres while steadfastly championing humanitarian causes close to her heart.

Jennifer Middleton

I am a single Mom to 4 kiddos. They have taught me so much as a mother, daughter, woman and business woman. I was born and raised on my family farm in Bengough Saskatchewan. My childhood was not easy. I was bullied in school by peers and teachers. I was never into sports; it wasn't my thing to have to be on the school volleyball or basketball team. I was involved in figure skating, curling and karate. Karate was my passion. Karate was where I had my first taste of what I wanted and what made my heart beat faster. I learnt so much during my 10 years of karate. I achieved my 2nd degree brown belt, I earned a spot on team Saskatchewan to go to Canadians and I earned the title of COMMA (Canadian Open Martial Arts Association) Champion. I would take lessons up to 3 times a week and weekends were dedicated to tournaments. Mom and I travelled everywhere. She was my biggest fan. Through karate I was introduced to Reiki.

My passion. I am a double Reiki Master I achieved during COVID and now have a small Reiki business. Reiki has taught me so much about myself. I have met so many amazing souls that each and everyone of them has touched and held space for me. Everything happens for a reason and one journey leads you to another journey. Our destiny is ours and we can create our own destiny. All we have to do is believe in the magic of ourselves.

Judy Gaw

Judy Gaw

Judy Gaw is a former figure skating coach, now coaching women of all ages to breakdown and breakthrough all that limits their authentic self-expression. The resistance of a part of ourselves to change, grow, and be our true self, only needs to have a light shone on it. I love to facilitate, bringing what you already know deep within into the light of your own consciousness and empowering you to be you.

Judy Swallow

Judy Swallow is a former competitive figure skater and coached skating for 40 years. While at a training camp in Lake Placid, NY when she was 15, she had her first real introduction to the mental aspect of sport in a workshop, that struck a chord within her and really sparked her love for psychology which soon became her passion.

As she began to pay closer attention to her inner feelings of inadequacy and the lack of belief in herself, this drove her to study and delve deeply into the subject of Psychology, Consciousness and Mindfulness and has been doing so since her 20’s.

This choice leads her step by step to cultivate a practice of self-awareness that enabled her to understand and undo the beliefs and programming that she held within, which has taken her from feeling insecure, to now claiming her presence in the world, and finding her authentic voice and expression.

Amina Banji

Amina Bhanji

Amina Bhanji is an English major, a Human Resources professional, a certified Trainer and Coach, a Distinguished Toastmaster and a Professional Development Advisor for the Ontario Public Service. She is the founder of Kindness Through Self Care. She loves to volunteer in her spare time, and fund raise for worthy causes. She lives in Toronto and has two amazing daughters.