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Empowered in Heels 3

A Third Collection of Inspiring Stories to Empower You to the Next Level of Your Life!

Welcome to a journey of living with purpose and embracing empowerment through Empowered in Heels 3.

In these pages of Empowered in Heels 3 you will discover stories illuminating the extraordinary potential within each of us. These tales are not just stories; they are guiding lights, showing how empowered individuals have harnessed their inner strength to overcome challenges, transform their lives, and leave a positive mark on the world.

From tales of resilience to examples of unwavering determination, Empowered in Heels 3 will introduce you to inspiring individuals who have found their true calling, tapped into their passions,and forged their own unique paths to fulfilment. They are living proof that living with purpose is not a lofty dream but an achievable reality leaving a scent of lavender to inspire you!

Empowered in Heels 3 Living with Purpose, be prepared to be inspired, motivated and empowered by these stories that will awaken the purpose-driven hero within you. As you turn the pages, let these narratives serve as your mentors, guiding you toward a life filled with meaning, impact, and the unwavering belief that you too can make a difference.

Your journey to living with purpose!

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From the pages of Empowered in Heels

“My father dismantled my mother’s car so that she could not escape…my mom, sister, and I walked in the cold snow without shoes. We climbed the two hills to get to the closest neighbour and they didn’t want to get involved.” ~ Suzy Tamasy 

“After eight years, three surgeries, and radiation treatments, my mother had lost her battle with cancer in August 2020. I felt like my heart had been pulled out of my body.” ~ Olimpia Tulpan

“In the past, I had always put barriers up and played it safe. I feel ready now to stop saying no to myself and see where it takes me. With every “yes” I put out into the universe, more opportunities came my way.” ~ Cheryl Bailey

“Who would have imagined that an awkward, insecure tomboy from Bangladesh would ever be a model? I certainly never did.” ~ Sadia Salauddin

“One thing I would say about bullying is to not let it get the best of you. Always believe that you are amazing and strong, and never be afraid to stand up for yourself when someone has done you wrong.” ~ Mackenzie Lubeck

“My failures are like my battle scars, each one reminding me of how the lesson I learned from them made me stronger.” ~ Jennifer Traynor

“Over time, I placed my focus on things I wanted to do, and, in doing so, I gained self-confidence and independence. The thought of getting married and starting a family was far from my mind.” ~ Sutha Shanmugarajah

“I can make something beautiful from what other people would see as garbage, but I see the potential and importance of everything.” ~ Demi Theo

“I had watched all the family who put me down and continue to put me down all these years, be able to live their lives and I kept thinking to myself: when is it my turn?” ~ Victoria Trinh

“Time has changed me, I’m stronger, I’ve walked through grief without prescriptions to numb the feelings.” ~ Beverley Thomson

“I remember praying for a way out and praying to God saying, ‘Please have a plan for me. Please don’t let me go back to struggling to survive.’ I think I prayed every day, all day in my head while crying.” ~ Kimberly Anne Cranley

“What these experiences have taught me is that while we may not always win at life, there are always other chances to excel and that even the disappointing moments can teach us valuable lessons.” ~ Pat Kozyra

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